Quiz: name that game

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Jan 13, 2020
Ok last hint: the developer’s title previous to this game was a Playstation exclusive and will likely never come to PC.

Side note, I edited my last post with a second screenshot, check it out.
Ah dreamweb, i remember seeing it when yatzee crawshaw did a longplay of it and it was entertaining stuff. You could see the point the Devs just stopped caring as most of the puzzles just involved shooting someone or something.

Anyway apologies for the slightly late post my PC has packed up and i suspect its motherboard. So a cop out, i found a screenshot of a game i was currently playing. Its not difficult, someone will find it fairly easily:

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So... no takers? ok time to bring on the clues. lets try another screenshot:

If i'm not mistaken james stanton has a voice cameo in this game. He hasn't done much voicework for games so this will narrow it down a lot.

get hunting lads.