Quiz: name that game

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Based on the very successful thread made by Frindis, Quiz: name that movie, I hereby open a thread for guessing games based on screenshots.

I was going to start with something easy, but I'm curious whether anyone can guess the game off of this (cropped) screenshot alone.

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Jan 13, 2020
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@Rensje damn that was a wild guess. I played dragon's dogma dark arisen and NEVER saw that bit of the game. i only suspected it because of the (king's wife) attaire and the face of the arisen resembled my NPC character so closely.

Erm. Now i have to come up with a screenshot. This should be easy to guess as i can't think of anything challenging and i don't have that many games installed atm!


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Darnit, I didn't think it would be that easy!
If you played a female character, you got a free version of that dress in the PC version of the game. It was rather OP so I* wore the thing for about two thirds of the game. It would have been harder for me to recognize the dragon than that dress! ;)

* - OK, I had her wear the dress. My posts are a mess when it comes to perspective. Immersion may be great overall but it has a detrimental effect on grammar!