Question for you gaming experts....

May 20, 2020
First time ever i play a game, out of curiosity im playing COD Warzone with my laptop but.... Is a bit too chaotic for my taste.

Can someone advise me a solo Sniper game (NOT crazy shoot-out) more slow but still intense?

Im sure there is a million out there but im not a gamer so i dont know any!

This COD is awesome tough.... didnt think it was this good. Last game i played on my pc is Street Fighter back in 1996. NO judgment! hahahaha

Thanks everyone!


P.S. Please free game! Sigh sigh,,,,
Not many free sniper games lurking around if you do not want to play browser-based games. You might want to follow Epic Game closely the next day as they are giving away a free Mystery Game and you could just be that lucky that it is a sniper game. If you like, you can pick up GTA V for free right now (until 21.05 5:00 PM) and it has both singleplayer/multiplayer. While it is not a pure sniper game, you can snipe a lot in it, not to mention drive around with cars, fly planes, plan heists and do all sorts of cool stuff.


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Nov 25, 2019
If you want to make Warzone more chill I'd recommend picking distant drops.

Choose a spot outside of the circle and look for a decent spot away from contracts initially then look for a Sniper Rifle. Sure you'll probably get blown up sometimes, but it'll take the edge off the chaos and those times you do get a sniper and get to the high ground, you can take your time picking shots.

That said - results may vary. It's a fast paced game and you have to watch your back constantly.
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May 20, 2020
Thanks so far!

Im ok playing not the latest game out if its still a good sniper game. Few years back is ok but don't send me too much back in time... i might not come back!!!
May 20, 2020
What if..... and i hope not to be banned or executed if i ask this...

but what if I download a game using a torrent and play it?

Is this still a thing?
@MafiaAngel Some developers have in the past shared their game through torrent as a way to combat sites that deal with stolen keys. Acid Wizard studios game: Darkwood is an example of this. They only asked that the players would consider supporting them by buying the game in the future if the player liked the game.

If you are referring to stealing a game without the developer's consent you would be doing something illegal, which is obviously not allowed and also against the forum rules to further talk about.
May 20, 2020
Sure I understand that stealing the game is bad!
My question belongs to a time where i simply click the download button, install the game and play.
I guess those times are gone.
To play this COD i had to subscribe to 2 different services using an email, verify the email, insert my phone number and from there download the client, than go ahead and download 85GB plus another 20 of updates (i guess) and i was almost there.... took me 2 days to play. Wow.....

Back in my days i download the game install and play. Also, COD game required some skill as i don't manage to kill anyone so far.... I couldn't find a way to play against the computer with different difficulty levels to enjoy even a bit. (there is the training but very limited as is only 1 map.). Now so far each player that i encounter has an easy job in killing me.... sigh sigh...

My previous post was referring in case the game is big, using a torrent to download the whole game and play it without break any rules of course! But i guess pc games is not like that anymore!

Thanks and sorry for the rant!!!

I feel old on the matter and im just 38!!! AHHAAHA
Games that focus on multiplayer have shifted to more of a "software as a service" income model, where the game is frequently updated with expansions or packs that have to be bought separately (either individually or with a season pass).

Since these games are continuously updated, you'll frequently have to download several gigs before you're able to play.

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