Problems with Rams

Sep 19, 2023
Hello everyone, today I will try to explain my problem which is a bit confusing even for me :)

Backstory: my computer crashed when I was starting a game. At the time I did a couple of experiments with ram and I concluded that one ram (DDR3 1600 2GB second ram from top in picture) is blown. But the working ram (DDR3 1600 4GB first ram from top in picture) didn't work with the first motherboard slot no idea why. I left the working ram in the second slot (Where it was before).

I bought a new ram DDR3 1600 4GB (last ram in the picture) and put it in the first slot of the motherboard and it doesn't work. Not working even in the second slot where the other ram works.

What I did before writing here: I played with the ram and the slots. Bios update, reset, etc.

Is this a motherboard first slot ram error or what?

And why first ram in the picture is so magic that he works :D

Motherboard : h81m-s1

XMP can't enable


Rams photo View:

Sorry for bad english

Thank you <3