Question problem with controls/mouse/ keybidings

Jan 8, 2021
Hi. I bought a new notebook. I would not consider it as the gaming notebook though the manufacturer labelled it like that.

I have no problem with games like witcher 3 / with all dlcs/ or read dead redemption 2. But for some reason, there is a problem with the FPS action kind of games. (CS Global offensive, resident evil 3, Battlefield 1) When I click right mouse button it is firing as in an automatic fire mode and can not be stopped before the load is empty. Or sometimes the button "R" does not work. In Battlefield 1 , one button works for two things simultaneously. When I change it in the controls menu it will be back to the old settings after the next game/or checkpoint loading.

I have not got a clue where the problem can be. Does anyone of you have any idea? Thank you



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