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Apr 2, 2020
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I'm trying to find a power supply for a ITX build. Just wondering what size power supply I should get.
I'm using a Asus strix b450-i gaming, a MSI RTX 2060, a ryzen 3600x, Pectrix D41 RGB 3200MHz 16GB (2x8GB), and a DEEPCOOL Castle 240 RGB V2 all in a nzxt h210i.
Also, I'd prefer to use a sfx psu.

EDIT: I'm assuming something around a 450w? correct me if I'm wrong
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A quality 450 watt would run it at stock, but Id go with around 550 to give plenty of room. I'm not too up on SF PSU's but the Corsair SF600 looks like a good one. I wont argue with Jonnyguru. Someone else might have been building ITX systems and have a better idea price wise though.

Edit, looks like the Fractal Design Ion SFX 500G and the Seasonic SSR-500SGX are the same platform (Same unit different branding) and of good quality. Both would run that system well.
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PCG Jacob

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Apr 2, 2020
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I agree with the above^ Running your basic specs through OuterVision's power supply calculator reckons wattage will be around ~350-400W. I know I'd personally over-compensate with a 500W in this case. As for which PSU to go for, Jonnyguru has long been the authority on these sorts of things. And even though it's been a little while since the last review, you'll find most of the currently available ones on there. I'd definitely make sure to do a cursory score check over there on any PSU you are looking to buy.

The Corsair SF600 has solid scores, and the EVGA GM-series looks to be a solid option, too.