Question Possible power issue

May 25, 2021
Hey everyone, sorry but of a long one here.

I recently got back into PC gaming and have been having some trouble.

I had finally got my PC back together from second hand parts, some my own and friends. It powered on great, had no issues I then tried to play some games and it would power off. So I tried another game and then it permanently turned off, it now powers on for a second, shuts down then powers on and stays on. Catch is that there's no display and I can't even boot into bios.

I have tried taking everything out aside from the CPU and putting everything back in piece by piece. I also tried removing CMOS and power flushing but still nothing. I'm assuming it may be an issue with the PSU but I wanted to make sure before I buy a new one.

Thanks for reading my long post, specs are below:

16gb DDR4 gskill RAM
4TB Seagate barracuda HDD
GTX 770 windforce
TP-Link Archer T6E PCI-E
Thermaltake Smart 750w bronze
Have you checked the minimum specs for the games you want to play?
Did you turn settings down low?
GTX 770 is pretty old now, so that may be the root cause for game failure.

As to why PC has essentially died… what's the motherboard?
Take a look at the mobo, see if you can detect any damage like burning or a blown capacitor.
May 25, 2021
Ah I new I forgot something in the specs. It's a gigabyte GA-H170-gaming 3.

I was only trying to play combat evolved on MCC and the game prior was watchdogs (first game).

As for damage I can't seem to find anything.


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