Question Please help me to choose the best laptop!

Apr 1, 2023
Hi guys, after months of research i eliminated all other models and brands and i ended up with these last 4 contestants.

Logically, best pick seems like Asus G18 considering the price, it is 300 eur. more cheaper than 17 inch Scar, however!

I have read multiple reports about G18 being a problematic laptop. The display it seems has medium to awful grade of backlight bleed. This is a huge investement for me and my relative will bring the laptop from Germany to my country in his backpack.

So like, returning it if the backlight bleeding is bad would be hard as hell for me.

I have one shot. I am a content creator. So i use programs like DaVinci and other film editing programs. I don't play games that much, but sure i will play some games.

Asus Scar 17= Looks cool, has good features, apparently has minimal backlight bleeding, but the most expensive one. (Jarrod's tech review and google reviews.)

Asus G18= Has 4070 gpu, although people say 3070ti and 4070 difference is minimal... looks cool, bigger screen , apparently has bad backlight bleeding. I even saw some pictures of the issue on Bestbuy site where people reviewed it. Some pics really looked awful. Very bad bleed.
(Not sure if this is pro or con, but i like big screens.)

MSI GS77= A cheaper alternative to Scar 17, same specs, no cool rgb lighting though. Display seems like has the most minimal bleed.

Acer Helios 18= Backlight bleeding seems similar to G18 model, has 4070ti and similar specs, but like... It is Acer, can i trust Acer over Asus and MSI regarding quality and cooling systems?

Which laptop is the best bet here? What should i pick? Every display supports DCI- P3, which i need for my film and video editing business. So no difference there.