PCG's Virtual Halloween Party: Freshly Baked

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Hey PC Gamers,

The PC Gamer forum is officially 1 year old! These forums have grown so much over the past year, and we couldn’t have done it without you all. Thank you so much for being a part of this incredible community!

Here at PC Gamer we’ve picked up some new skills since January, particularly baking. Since it seems lots of folks have been working on expanding their culinary skills, PC Gamer is running a Halloween Bake-Off!

What is the event?
  • If you have a recipe that you bust out around Halloween, or just have some favorite spooky seasonal treats from PC gaming history, share them with the community in reply to this thread.
  • In addition to the recipe, post 1-3 pictures of your creation and feel free to tell the story behind the sweet treats.
  • If you’re a whizz in the kitchen, you can also create a real world recipe for some of gaming’s most popular digital dining delicacies.
How to enter
  • As a reply to this thread, post between 1 & 3 images of an item you’ve prepared in celebration of Halloween, or as a real world example of an in-game food item.
  • The theme of this specific event is Halloween, but in the future this thread will give readers a chance to find even more recipes in the months and years to come.
We want you to show the world your awesome desserts! You can post something as simple as chocolate chip bat cookies, or as complex as a Spellbreak themed Baked Alaska. If you know more bakers who want to show off their creations, ask them to join the PC Gamer Bake-Off and point them to this thread.

As gamers, many of us love challenges. We know you’ll be up to the task! Thank you to our PC Gamer Community for your support. Happy anniversary to you all and we look forward to many more years of growth!

Selecting Entries
  • While you can create multiple posts with different recipes, each person will only receive one entry to be randomly selected.
  • On, or before, October 28 at 6PM ET we’ll select 10 eligible entries at random to receive a PC Gamer cup.
  • If a winner is chosen, but does not respond with their mailing address within 5 business days, a new winner will be selected and the original prize forfeit.


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I'm certainly no baker, so no one would really want to see what I would put together. However, I have a great donut shop by me and they've kicked off their Halloween goodies. This wild-berry Zombie donut was yummy!



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I decided to dive into the festivities with some Pac-Man Brownies that I originally made many, many years ago (sorry, no pictures remain).

At the time, I did a pan of brownies with a Pac-Man board drawn on it using rulers for line placement and yellow decorative icing.

Unfortunately, this time, my "yellow icing" ended up being a yellowish tinted clear, so I couldn't make pellets or Pac-Man. Calling an audible, I decided to simplify and focus instead on a single ghost. One day I'll find a way to replicate that, I hope, but for now, please steel your nerves and prepare to come face to face with the undead!



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OK here's mine!

Frankenstien's Pudding - Time to make: 10 mins

Mix Butterscotch and Banana Angel Delight in a bowl with some milk.
Fold in green food colouring
Put choco writer in warm mug of water, then cut off top
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Honestly very impressed by how quickly that turned out. Baking brownies is pretty simple, so mine also went quickly. Picked up a few more supplies today, so going to try to up my game for later in the month.
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