Question PC Gamer Vol 1 Issue 1

Apr 15, 2021
Hi All,

I am not sure if this is the best place, but I couldn't see anywhere more suitable, so apologies if it should be somewhere else....

OK, so going through the boxes in my loft I stumbled upon Volume 1 Issue 1 of PC Gamer (complete with the 3.5" cover disks, although I can't test them as I don't have a PC with a floppy drive any longer). I had a look on ebay to gauge value, but I couldn't see it, even in sold items - although I am not convinced I did that search correctly.

So I thought I would come to the community to ask, does this magazine have any value? I note a few volume 1 issues sold at the £25 mark or so (issue #6 I think), so I was thinking something just above that might be right for issue 1?

And while I am here, is there any interest in it?


Hold on to them if you've got the space. I had boxes & boxes of older issues of PCG, Computer Gaming World, and Computer Games Strategy Plus, but to save space in my small apartment, I ended up taking them all to the Salvation Army store several years ago. I still regret that.
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As someone who has issue 1 of Gamepro, congrats! I'd keep it, maybe get a comic book sleeve and put it in there as its a neat little artifact imo and display it maybe? Cool to see nonetheless.


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