PC Gamer Reader Awards - vote for your favourite wildcard pick!

Which of these wildcard picks should get the PC Gamer Readers Award?

  • Herman Miller chairs

    Votes: 8 26.7%
  • Elgato Key Light

    Votes: 4 13.3%
  • Nvidia Shield

    Votes: 18 60.0%

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PGC Alan

Mar 17, 2020
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We want to know what PC gaming hardware you lovely people love. What is the gear that sparks joy in the heart of the PC Gamer community? We're not necessarily talking about the most powerful technology known to siliconkind, we're talking about the PC hardware that real people use.

We've been canvassing opinion across the PC Gamer forum and on social media, and have come up with a shortlist for each of our gaming gear categories. And now it's your turn to help us figure out which manufacturer of tech is your top pick in each category.

Each day we're going to be asking you to choose from the shortlist which product means the most to you, or which you think is deserving of the PC Gamer Reader Award.

Today we're looking at the wildcard picks that our readers have put forward, and we want your votes!

The shortlist is:
  1. Herman Miller chairs
    "I wish I knew what I've been missing all these years."
  1. Elgato Key Light
    "A remote controlled light I use for streaming and video calls, it honestly is a high quality product too."

  2. Nvidia Shield
    "I have always wanted to play my PC like a console and now I can!"
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A nerd that found his place
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Jan 17, 2020
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I gotta say, this is a really strange combination of things to try and pick as a favorite. I use my Nvidia Shield on a daily basis so it got my vote hands down. The Merman Miller chairs seem to be really expensive for... well not a lot. The Elgato Key Light could be useful for studio lighting with my photography, but I already have those, and they were less than $80 a piece for bright dim-able LED lights, where these guys want $150+ for a a rather small light that doesn't have a way to easily attach a hood or any diffuser.