Outriders thoughts?

As a fan of the looter-shooter genre, this game is right up my alley. Ive played the demo with 2 of the classes and it looks pretty good so far. It feels like a cross between Gears of War (shooting and fighting) and The Division (shooting, look, movement) with elements of Destiny 2 (superpowers, gear building).

Anyone else try the demo? I like the idea that the demo is available until the game is available on April 1st so you can try out all the classes and such.

The story is kinda meh but, to me, gets a little better when you start collecting data though its not a totally unique backstory in regards to sci-fi.
For what it is, OutRiders is a good game. It does seem like a weird combination, a story like Gears of War, plays like The Division, and looks like Destiny. I was a little bummed that the maps were not as open as I thought they would be. But yeah, it's not amazing or ground breaking it's just good. I hope it succeeds and does well, I just wish people would stop trying to call it a Destiny killer.
Jan 13, 2020
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I'm seriously enjoying the demo. Character models could use some love, but in the end, you'll be running around with a helmet, anyway. I like the attack-to-heal mechanic, it's perhaps the one novel thing they did (afaik) and it really pushes you to a different play style from, say, Gears. Personally, I detest the first-person view, so any shooter with 3rd-person is welcome. It's a bit early to tell if the excitement's gonna last—shiny new toys are always a thrill at first—but I can see myself sticking with Outriders at least long enough to satisfy the price/playtime ratio.
I am a little bumbed that the devs have stated that they dont intend to treat outriders like a live service as its compared to destiny and division etc., but i wish it was because i would be willing to sink the time into the game if it offered a lot of good endgame content. Hopefully them saying that doesnt mean that an endgame wont be plentiful but.

Cinematics are fine, i understand peoples complaint about the constant camera shaking in the cutscenes, but that aint going away, but the devs have acknowledged they will try to fix it.

Thats what i like the most here, is they release a demo a month out and seem to be at the ready to listen and answer feedback. So thats promising to see.


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I haven't played the demo by myself, but I watched some streams from it and I'm not impressed. The game feels very generic. Yet another co-op shooter in TPP. Reminds me of Anthem which had a similar problem. I don't expect the game to be a huge success. Even if it achieves a significant success in the beginning, this will probably change in time. Nothing special IMHO. :)
I've played it quite a bit and it seems ok enough for me to pre-order it. I've tried 3 of the classes and really like 2 of them.

There is an endgame which is separate from the campaign and the fact that it is NOT a service game is to my liking. I don't like to be forced to play a game just to keep up with the content.
Having played all 4 classes enough and using a couple of different legendary weapons, i can say im more than happy now to have this pre-ordered. The devs have been very communicative which is rare from devs these days, they are using an unique anti-cheater system and its crossplay along with the fact that xbox users can play for free with the pass. Im ready for it.
Jun 10, 2021
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I just purchased the game 2 days ago and haven't switched to anything else. I'm using the Trickster and it's pretty fun. I haven't played a game with a unique or interesting story in years and i doubt i will anytime soon. Graphics are solid, I've had no crashes or glickes of anykind. I did have someone show up in my game the first 20 minutes of play time until i figured out how to play solo. I'd recommend picking this up if your into looter shooters.
Jun 13, 2021
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I have beat the game earlier. For me it's a mix of "The Division" and "Anthem". Overall the game is normal, but can't recommend it to everyone - it looks like just a "middle" game for me. Endgame (additional content after you finish main story) is tough - was not able to beat a single mission. Had game crashes at the beginning, was able to solve it by lowering the graphic settings and returned them to maximum later.
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Game was interesting up until endgame, but now I have found enemies to be too much of a bullet sponge for the gameplay to be enjoyable.

They have made a lot of changes since its first release (all of them patches for one bug or another) and, to me, its still broken. I still get bad lobbies and all that and when i finally do play, my loadout, even with me at the highest level you can have still feels like i do very little damage, so i understand the bullet spongeness of enemies. People Can Fly need to make every tree they have for their classes viable in endgame because right now theres like 2 or 3 out of the possilbe 16 trees available.
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