OOTP Baseball

Feb 15, 2020
So I was feeling the need for a sports game other than racing and I was torn between Madden 20 and the OOTP Baseball series. I eventually decided on OOTP XX (Year 2020) which is $20.00 on Steam. The main reason I chose OOTP was just because it was already on Steam and Madden is an Origin exclusive.

I've read and watched many reviews on Madden 20. I was pumped but after seeing some footage of OOTP, and it has been on my radar for awhile now, I chose OOTP XX. I'm glad I chose OOTP XX! It has a learning curve but that is part of the fun. After just over two hours I have the hang of it so it wasn't that bad.

Anyways, I just wanted to bring awareness to one of MLB's officially licensed games to us here on PC Gamer. Granted, the game is a strategy game and not really an arcade game like Madden or RBI Baseball, etc. but I believe the game brings that to your attention upfront.

It might not be as pretty as an arcade sports game but it certainly has replayabilty and depth.

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PCG Chris

Staff member
Dec 9, 2019
Every year I tell myself I'll finally get into OOTP and learn how to play, and I never seem to do it. But maybe in the absence of real games I'll finally do it! I've always heard great things about it.
Jan 13, 2020
Though I haven't played any sports game (though I guess Rocket League counts to a certain extent) in years my choice would RBI Baseball or Super Mega Baseball as those you actually play. OOTP Baseball looks good and seems to have lots of depth but for as much as I love baseball I have never been much on statistics or strategic aspect.

Good to see you're enjoying it though as I as me and my family are missing baseball something fierce.
Feb 15, 2020
my choice would RBI Baseball or Super Mega Baseball as those you actually play.

You can actually play a ballgame. You can only control the pitcher or batter and not all pitches are real time, there is simulation which speeds the game along. The game is addicting. I played like three games before taking a break.