on playing Crusader Kings 2 vs 3

So I was always fascinated by the stories surrounding Crusader Kings 2 but never got to play it. With the release of CK3 that interest has comeback but since I never played the second (and there is some complexity to it and a time commitment ) I'm not convinced to aquired it. The thing is, I HAVE CK2 on steam for several years now, its in the todo list, but I'm not sure if its my kind of game. I was thinking on starting playing CK2 to get to a taste, maybe learn the ropes and then see if I'll buy CK3.

The thing is, for what I can check, CK3 apparently is better and more welcoming than 2. If I play the second and it doesn't "connect" with me, I may decide that the 3rd installment is not worth it and miss something great.
So, to long time players, what is your opinion? should I go directly with CK3? or use the second as a glorified demo to check the waters, so to speak?
I'm not a long time player, in fact I tried to get into ck2 a few times but was just too overwhelmed. I hopped in ck3 last night and did the tutorial. I'll admit it's better than 2, I understand things a bit better, but even still I barely feel like I know what I'm doing half the time, and the other time I'm just clueless. Now I only got to put a couple hours in yesterday, so I'll see how much better I can wrap my head around it tonight, but it definitely feels more accessible than its predecessor.

If you're on the fence and don't want to commit the full price towards it, it is on gamepass.
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So, for anyone interested, after a couple of marathon into CK2 I decided that I liked the game enough to jump into CK3... mostly because my campaign as gone to sh$7 and in looking into guides to recover from the disaster my ancestor put me in (trying to fix everything made me batshit crazy to the point that tried to appoint my horse as chancelor, don't ask) the DLC descriptions have tempted me to buy them; and kind of is not such a great idea with CK3 here so, I'll go all the way CK3.


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