Question Old PC - Upgrade or Sell or ..?

Dec 7, 2020
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Hello Community,

I have an old PC that I sometimes use to play Satisfactory or so and I was wondering if I could get more out of it with a new GPU or if this is a bad idea ?

GPU is GeForce GTX 970
CPU AMD fx 8350 (i think 8 core ~4Ghz)
Mainboard Asus m5a99x
RAM 8gb DDR 3
Windows 10 home x64
Hi and welcome. What else do you want to play with it? If youre hoping to improve performance with Satisfactory only, its not worth it as it seems the CPU is whats mainly holding you back. Link to a benchmark table. You can see the Intel 6800K/GTX970 system there performing better then a 2080TI with a 6700K

They also mention there that 32GB of RAM can be required for large bases, but looking at the performance of the 8350 with 16GB RAM there I dont know if its worth throwing much money at extra RAM on the off chance. Unless you get some really cheap.

For some other single player action games, you might get some benefit out of putting in say a GTX 1660, but I wouldnt spend more then that at this point. Otherwise I would save up for a new build if possible.