Nvidia might be in some trouble...


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Nov 25, 2019
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The Nvidia RTX 3080 is all I've heard about when it comes to GPUs, and AMD's RX 6800 is looking to change that. A 54% performance improvement and 26.8bn transistors?! Holy cow... I mean, the performance improvement is probably over-stated/ relative but it still sounds incredible. And that one-click overclocking feature is exciting - the name alone (Rage Mode) is pretty awesome!

Spec-for-spec...I think AMD might even be surpassing Nvidia before long. What do y'all think?
Nvidia has absolutely nothing to worry about. Everyone forgets that Intel and Nvidia have ventures in way more than how good you can play games off of one of their products. Yes amd has a great card coming out and its awesome to see (after lagging behind by what, 20 years?) but Nvidia makes so much more money than AMD because of their ventures not to mention their non gaming cards.
AMD might make up some GPU market share, but they are starting from a long way behind.
I think the key will be if they can supply enough cards, especially the 6800XT, to meet demand. There is plenty of demand for new GPU's and NVIDIA just cannot get anywhere near meeting it.
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