No more photobucket :(

So photobucket has seamed to go for a paid model and no longer can use it for posting on game forums. What should i swap too? I was thinking instagram maybe, but that one is kind of a pain because you need to log in all the time. Is there anything else around? I just want some free hosting for some random game pics. I miss my old bucket, but it's not worth 10 bucks a month to me, even 5 to just post a random pic on occasion for non-steam games.

help me out, whats a good replacement for the bucket.
I would recommend installing Greenshot (free & open source screenshot application) if you are going to be taking a lot of screenshots. Recently started using it myself and in the settings, you can automatically set it so that when you do a screenshot of gameplay, it will upload it to ImbBB (a free photo uploading place) and give you the link so that you can post the picture on the forums. You can also do it the normal way and drag the photo from your save destination and straight to ImbBB if you rather prefer to have a full-sized picture when sharing at the forums.

This is basically how it looks when using the direct link: View:
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