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  • Acer Predator Helios 300

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May 5, 2020
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Hey guys I'm new here and I know this has probably been asked dozens of times already but I would like some recommendations for a new laptop. I will eventually build my own desktop but for now I'd like a new laptop. I currently have a ASUS G751J laptop for about 6-7 years. It feels clunky to me and I'd like to play newer games. Preferably multiplayer games like Squad or any popular online game. I would like for it to run without overheating extremely or have good cooling features. Something that'll give me the best bang for my buck, I have done some research and I've chosen either the Acer Predator helios 300 or the MSI GS65 STEALTH-296. My budget is around $1500 but i wouldn't mind spending a hundo more if need be. Thanks for reading
Jun 10, 2020
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My vote goes for MSI's GS65 Stealth as it delivers better-than-60fps gaming performance and a premium, portable build with long battery life.
But I wish it had a little bit premium feels to it ( it's my personal opinion though )