New Halo MCC Flight Date and More Halo Online Maps Added! Halo News

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Feb 20, 2021
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Undoubtedly, one of the best PC (PC) games that you can enjoy is Halo, which is also one of the best Xbox One games, designed by Bungee Gaming Studio and published by Microsoft Game Studio.

This game has good graphics and variety of enemy characters, good personalization ability, variety of stages and missions, as well as a large number of weapons are among the good features of this game.


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I played the first game - it introduced me to the idea of regenerating health (though it was the shield, it's still the same concept). I played the second in an afternoon on somebody's console and never bothered with the rest. I don't do the online shooter thing and don't expect to see much more from it in the single player side. Or maybe I'm wrong? Have they got any 30+ hour single player games in the franchise or are they all just quickies to get you used to the game before putting you online (a la Call of Duty)?
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