New case - what extra fans I should buy?

Jan 19, 2023
Hi. I'm gonna insert links to Romanian shopping sites because idk how else I should explain my problem, so I'm sorry if isn't allowed. I just bought a case yesterday with 3 included fans, its a Segotep Prime XL V2 ( ) and I've noticed that my RGB controller has 5 pins and I'm gonna insert 3 links from ImgBB with inserted pictures: + my back case
The fans I wanna buy are from Segotep, but they seem to have 3 or 4 pins: - the one i really wanna buy - the second option
Now my question is> fans with 3 or 4 pins works with a 5 pins controller or i should buy a new controller with 6 pins to insert my 3 included fans with 5 pins + 3 additional ones with 6 pins? Please help me, I'm trying to figure it out for like the last 6h..

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