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CPU - Went from 3600XT to 5800x3d
AIO - Went from Corsair 240mm to Arctic Cooler 360mm
Motherboard - Stayed the same
Ram - While the amount stayed the same, I added 2 x Corsair Ram Enhancement kits which are fake ram sticks that just show RGB
Storage - Nvme stayed the same
- HDD remained the same but its only got 60mb of files on it, I would swap it except I really don't need it.
- Added 4tb Samsung SSD (essentially replaced HDD)
GPU - Went from 2070 Super to a 7900XT
PSU - Went from Seasonic Platinum 750watt to Corsair RMx1000
Case - Outside stayed the same but I swapped in 2 Noctua black swap fans in place of case fans.

There is nothing else I want to swap out except the MB, CPU & RAM in about 2 years when I replace them all.
Even my monitor, mouse and Keyboard are less than 3 years old.
Easiest way is probably videos

I didn't know a lot about them before I got one, I just wanted to try it one as all my other PC had used an air cooler

Your temps aren't that bad, don't get AIO if you don't really need one.
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Its likely the case fans are DC and not PWM. It means you won't see them. They run at 100% all the time.
it won't see AMD GPU at all.
It should be able to see the CPU fan though.

If you getting the NZXT Flow, its 3 fans are PWM so you should see those... how are they attached to motherboard?
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