Need some wired earbud recommendations...

When I play on my laptop in the living room, I can't use a headphones because it causes my wife to talk to me and then give me the death stare because I can't hear her, so I use wired earbuds and keep one ear open (then she doesn't talk to me--only if I'm wearing headphones does she talk).

So I'm not an audiophile, but I love good sound quality. I've been using Linsoul KZ ZAX, but the quality of the build has been going downhill, and I need to find something else, but it's going to be tough to find something that sounds close to these at under $100 (my budget for earbuds). I've ordered some Linklike Quads, but haven't tried them before. They should be here Tuesday.

Any suggestions for wired earbuds under $100 that sound good? I might be convinced to go wireless if the battery life is good enough, but do prefer wired. I just hate charging things up.
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