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most of the gaming chairs are a waste of money
I thought it was 'all', not 'most'.
Is there actually a gaming chair out there which is worth it?

suggestions that are a little more cooling
I work & play in my office chair, and have a towel draped over the back and another on the seat—reduces summer heat discomfort a lot, plus saves wear on the chair material.

If you're big, this is my second buy of this model, which I've used for past 8 years:

Best coupled with big wheels:
I thought it was 'all', not 'most'.
Is there actually a gaming chair out there which is worth it?
You probably right, I was giving some benefit of doubt since I hadn't looked at them past that video. They almost all use the same base. Its not that they just look the same, they are the same. Maybe some have rgb on them... gosh, probably charge extra 100 just for that.

Good chairs don't need to sell selves on looks. Although it helps if they aren't ugly, but the last chair I would buy is anything with razer logo on it.
look at them, they are all the same chair in different colours. Not just same style, same chair...

Well, except this but its not in same price range. Its actually a gaming chair but for $3300 you hope you get something special
People now love aesthetics over performance
yeah, I know:
  • Fish tank cases with rgb everywhere but no intake (your case isn't in this category, Lian LI are better than that)
  • chairs that cost $65 to buy in China but are $500 here just cause they look good, but aren't comfortable to use long term. That doesn't matter if you give them to enough Youtubers.
  • People wanting win 11 when really only difference between it & 10 is what it looks like
  • People endlessly rebuying games just cause new version is prettier.

Too many sucked in by appearance
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