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Jan 26, 2020
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Hello guys!

I'm really confused about the monitor I should get! Could you help me?

(1 - Medium Price) At first, my choice was this: Monitor Gamer AOC 24,5" LED Full HD 0,5ms 240hz Widescreen AG251FZ2
(2 - Exepensive) I've found this option too: Monitor Gamer LED 24,5" 1ms 240hz Free-Sync AW2518F - Alienware
(3 - Cheap) Then, I've seen this one: Monitor Gamer ASUS 24', Full HD, GSync. 165Hz, 0,5ms, VG248QG

Meu objetctive is getting best performance playing FPS games like CS:GO.
My setup is I7-9700K, RTX2060 Super, 16GB RAM.

Also, I think if getting a QHD monitor would harm my performance.
And I wonder if 144/165/240hz have a significant difference, as 0,5/1ms.

What monitor would you get and why?
Jan 13, 2020
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If you want 24" screen, then I'd get the V248QG. I run one of those on a spare gaming PC on the home LAN and it rocks. Very smooth. A nice 165hz refresh. .5 GTG is fast.

At 1080p, your 2060 will be well paired to push 144-165 FPS, so 144-165hz is fine and 240hz is overkill.

To be real honest, depending on budget, I'd go for a 27" WQHD (1440) panel. Your 2060 can push that as well, although hitting high FPS may not be done on more challenging games. For $45 more the Asus MG278Q is a lot of monitor for the money and has dropped to $321. It has the Gsync and 144hz and 1ms.

Unless you are an experience twitch play gamer, anything more than 144hz is more than you need. I think the extra real estate and resolution will really make your day. However at 1440p expect to hit 60-80hz in challenging games with the eye candy. So the 144hz refresh is plenty.

Right down the middle idea is the VG278QR. 27" for more real estate. 1920x1080p for fast frame rates. 165hz, Gsync, and .5 GTG as well. Your 2060 would be well paired as it would with the V248QG.


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