Minimalistic, quiet, lightweight 13" 14"

Jun 6, 2021
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Hello everyone,
Im searching for a quieter minimalistic Laptop preferably under 2,5 kg or even 2 kg with around 13" or 14" that i can use for office stuff, too.

Battery is not very important
500 gb ssd
at least 3,0 ghz, high quality cpu

Pricewise under 1500 € would be nice, but obviously way less would be even better :)
Especially "bargains" would be nice.

So it should look like a "normal" laptop, no fancy colours or huge underbuild.

I would love to play the newer games on at least "low" or "medium" and something like the witcher 3 or divinity original sin 2 on higher settings. :)

Would be a nice plus to play VR like half life alyx, but if not, i wouldnt mind too much.

I took a look at Asus ROG G14 but im not so sure. :/

Greetings and big thanks in advance.
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Can you copy/paste the questions in this thread into your own and answer them to best you can. you may have done so already above

you answer those questions and we see what we can do :)


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