Question Mid-Week Question: Best Assassin's Creed location?

The Assassin's Creed series has been all over: Renaissance Italy, Revolutionary America, France, Spain, the Caribbean, Ancient Greece and Egypt, and now we're headed back to England for Valhalla.

Which setting was the best, though? Not necessarily the best game, but the best location it took place in?

Let me know your favorite and I'll post your answers along with some from the staff on Wednesday!


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Nov 25, 2019
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Greece, hands down. They really brought the whole classical world to life in an amazing way and setting sail in Odyssey was a pleasure.

Egypt was fantastic though, it's a period of time that everyone knows about but not many know things about which made it real fun to explore.
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I enjoyed the pirate theme and ship combat in Black Flag a lot, but as my favorite, I have to say Odyssey. While I have not gotten that far in the game, I have fallen in love with the breathtaking visuals. I love exploring in any game and when it is as good looking as this, it makes me feel like I am right there. Oh, and I have been told that the DLC: Fate of Atlantis will be amazing, so I am very much looking forward to that!
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Nov 25, 2019
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I loved Odyssey as well, but they also did a fantastic job on Origins (Egypt). The writing team was consistently brilliant and on point, with well-researched storylines and progress throughout.
In Egypt, they really struck the right tone to portray a magnificent and complex civilization within a crumbling empire. I loved the Medjay so much that I named my new horse after him.

Both Odyssey and Origins had stunning visuals. Absolutely gorgeous.
Yes, there’s no argument that with Origin’s Egypt and Odyssey’s Greece AC really hit the mark, I really have to do a shout out for AC2’s Renaissance Italy. Sure, it’s technical age shows a bit now, but the setting really manages to stand out despite it. Having travelled the area in real life, the recreations of Florence, the Tuscan countryside and San Gimignano capture both the enduring real beauty of the locations while also looking to have been lifted straight out of a Renaissance fresco. And then there’s Venice! Such a gorgeous setting with such a distinctive style of it’s own - all captured beautifully and making a perfect backdrop for a tale of intrigue and adventure. Bellissimo!

Unity’s Paris was another stunner. A really dense, intricate and beautifully city to explore complemented by a truly crowded and active citizenry that made the city and revolution truly come alive. It’s a pity IMO that Syndicate’s London didn’t match that. If a city in game needed to be bustling and packed, it was Victorian London, but I suspect Ubisoft felt they needed to be technically cautious and dial it back a bit after Unity’s technical and performance problems. As a result, it never felt “alive” enough for me - except for the honourable mention of the bustling Thames traffic.

Really, AC has rarely got it wrong when it comes to settings. While I was underwhelmed or, more to the point, not blown away by 3’s New England and Black Flag’s Caribbean, they were still exotic and fun to explore.

I’m not sure what to expect of 9th century England in Valhalla. Not really a time that stands out architecturally - it’s yet to even hit Norman times and styles. I’m anticipating hovels and decrepit fortifications. Hoping, though, that Ubi can really open my eyes to the hidden glories of the Saxon world.
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Egypt. First (and so far only) AC game I played. I do have Odyssey which I plan on playing but I think nothing will beat Egypt as location though.

Some things I started to wonder while playing that game and it really intrigued me. Like, did you guys realize that the pyramids were older for the Romans than the Romans are to us?
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Apr 24, 2020
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really loved black flag and rogues setting i cant be the only one who wants to see more Templar sided spin off games lol, as for a world, Egypt was something i would really love to explore in real life so taking the time to do it in origins was huge for me, going through the pyramids an stuff its pretty breathtaking.

Right now im so hype about valhalla this time period, iv consumed it so much in tv shows an total war games every chance i get i play as vikings, especially with totalwar thrones of Britannia being the same time period set up as valhalla i cant wait has potential to be my fav assassins creed since black flag.
May 14, 2020
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Origins was simply stunning and Odyssey walked on its footsteps that's why it succeeded too, but for me, Egypt is the best set and then Odyssey and then Italy in AC2, and black flag of course. Those are my best ACs almost.
I am going to throw a wrench into the General Trend and say AC India
While its a 2.5 D game only it played Homage to Prince of Persia, it similar Design of the Original AC Games and more Colorful to boot.

It's sad they only made it a Mobile variant instead of a full-fledged game.
AC China was also good and had an Amazing VA as the lead.
Generally speaking, I like the games set in ancient times the best. I'm just fascinated with that history. But my favorite setting had to be the Caribbean. There was just something immensely freeing about sailing around beautiful, tropical areas.