May Community Showcase


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Nov 25, 2019

The sun has stopped being a friendly little light in the sky that lets you know when it’s time to go to bed (if you’ve been stuck in one more turn land with Total Warhammer like myself) and started to turn violent. It’s beating on your windows, it’s making your rooms uncomfortable and lobsterizing your face when you step outside - there is no greater assurance of there being malevolent forces trying to destroy red heads like myself than the sudden onslaught of summer.

What better way to weather the crash of this hateful season’s vanguard* into your peaceful life than with a helping of cool, refreshing community content from May?

Each of the folks below will receive a Community Contributor badge, if they haven’t earned one already and just like the last name on a credits screen big thanks to YOU for making the PC Gamer Forums such a great place!

How To Make Your First Dungeons and Dragons Character - @SquireZed
Virtual Tabletops have been a lifesaver during the lockdown for my friends and judging from how many people have been rolling up characters that’s true for a lot of others. Squirezed put a whole lot of love into laying out how to make a DND character that’s well worth a look through if you’ve got the itch for adventure!

How To Summerproof Your PC? - @Inspireless Llama
All my life I’ve known one simple truth, ever since I went to Florida as a kid and got sunstroke for my birthday - summer wants to crush me. Just last night my PC started going off like the warp core in any given episode of Star Trek and so Inspireless Llama’s thread about putting together a community guide to make sure your PC stays a PC and not just ornamental is a great read. Be sure to head on over and take part.

Which Assassin’s Creed? - @Kaamos_Llama
With Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla set to hit our shores this winter, Kaamos_Llama is trying recent Creed games and getting opinions. If you’re looking to take a walk round ancient Greece yourself, share your stories from Egypt or just interested in which one sounds right for you then swing on by and share.

What Would it Take For You To Make The Jump To 4k Gaming - @Rensje
Questioning how you can upgrade your rig or if you even need to? Joking, everyone knows that need doesn’t even factor in when it comes to upgrades, we’re all slaves to our most base impulses for making that sweet number go up - well I am at least. If you’ve made your Will save and are considering whether you need a boost rather than just slamming down your credit card then this thread lays out some excellent questions and thoughts. Likewise if you have a reason to share for waiting then join the conversation!

The Free Games List - @Frindis
The very definition of an oldie but a goodie. If you haven’t taken a quick look into this thread that’s still going strong then now’s the time. It’s well worth it with so many awesome games being offered for free.

We'll be looking for more cool community members and threads to showcase at the end of May! As always, if someone is deserving of a call-out for being rad or you feel we've overlooked something really cool be sure to let us know. We're always looking to recognise the best of the community and regularly feature good posts in PC Gamer articles.

*Wow, I really hate summer, I genuinely didn't realise how much until I read this insanely hyperbolic rant. I should just save it for my hypothetical blog.