March Thread Showcase


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Nov 25, 2019
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March was a long year for everyone and we hope you and yours are keeping well. Coming up to the end of the month we've taken a look at some of the best threads from across the forums and chosen four of our favourites from across the last month for the showcase.

Each of them will receive a Community Contributor badge and have a copy of their avatar placed within an ancient shrine that is said to bring luck and fortune. (Note: The shrine is metaphor for our hearts and not a real place.)

Big thanks to everyone for making the PC Gamer Forums such a welcoming and fun place!

Our featured threads in no particular order are…*Drum Roll*

Quarantine Gaming, what will you be playing? By @MaddMann
We've all got a gaming backlog, some ordered, some (like mine) chaotic and disordered- a random cascade of games we bought on Steam during sales that we fill our free time with. Here are some words that I never thought I'd write, during the global lockdown what are you planning on checking in on? MaddMadd has a great thread for discussing it, be sure to swing by and share or get some inspiration.

Games we would love to see remastered By @OsaX Nymloth
Remasters are in vogue at the moment and more to the point, a lot of them are damn good. Three of my big purchases for April, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Tales of Mana and (PS4 but it's my childhood!) Final Fantasy 7 are remakes or remasters. OsaX has a great thread for sharing those golden oldies that need a fresh lick of paint.

Your Favorite Building / Management Games By @McStabStab
Take slower pace and share the best building or management games out there. Showcase your best creations or compliment others on their planning skills. A chill thread to talk about chill games with chill people.

What games demos did you play from the GDC/Steam festival? By @Dinokaiser
A great resource for demos and experiences with demos released on Steam for the Game Developers Conference. Dinokaiser put a lot of time into trying these and sharing his thoughts, well worth checking out.

We'll be choosing another batch of threads to showcase at the end of April! As always, if someone is deserving of a call-out for being rad or you feel we've overlooked something really cool be sure to let us know. We're always looking to recognise the best of the community and regularly feature good posts in PC Gamer articles.
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