Looking for a game to play

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Destiny 2. Its free, it has fantastic and snappy shooting/guns, its space war so its not like real life war. And if you like good lore, Destiny has that too. Destiny has its problems, but its free to play the base of the game.
@NotAGreatGamer I loved Risk of Rain, but I did not quite get the feel for Risk of Rain 2. I understand why a lot like it, because it does look pretty cool, but for me, the combat just felt off going from 2D to 3D. I got a much better overview of the area and enemies in the original and map layout was much smoother to play in.
Jul 13, 2020
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Really depends on what you're looking for in FPS game.
If it's a good story you can't go wrong with Bioshock series, Dishonored is also great even tho it's more of a sneaker/stealth game.
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