Logitech m705 replacement parts


so my mouse LogitechM705 has decided to start double clicking. I have read guides on how to fix and I have done so. However I think the”spring” has had enough after some 10years of usage.

I love my mouse and don’t have the spare money to buy a replacement yet as I didn’t plan on my mouse breaking on me.

my question is where do I get the springs? what is a good cheap alternative if I can’t buy the”spring” as it would only be temporary until I get a new m705.
mouse LogitechM705 has decided to start double clicking … after some 10years of usage
I don't know this for certain, but I'm fairly sure the only spare parts you can get for mice in general are the rubber feet. I've never seen mouse spares mentioned in tech outlets over the years.

Double clicking is a known eventual problem for all mice, probably the most usual way they break down. 10 years is a really good lifetime for a mouse in my experience.
a good cheap alternative
I don't have a replacement suggestion. Go to Amazon or Newegg or similar, sort their inventory by price, and grab the first one with decent customer ratings which meets your needs.
I am enjoying my new mouse, and have noticed differences between my old and new. My new one doesn’t have a click near the bottom where your thumb is that shows all windows.