How To lenovo x700 motheboard just fried.

Apr 4, 2020
good morning everyone new to the forum, i haven't built a pc in over 20 the other night smelt a burning smell throughout the house came downstairs and the smell coming from the game room where the kids play xbox and pc. iv never had liquid cooling system before so i need a little help. if possible which motherboard would you recommend and pc is used for gaming and if possible i dont want to half to upgrade the whole PC if anything the video card would be the only thing im willing to swap out if it a must. I mean i get it this pc is prob 10+years old th whole pc is outdated, the games that are usually played on it dont require crazy hardware requirements. such as the kids play roblox.. rainbow6 seige and and new COD. i really appreciate your guys time and advise responding to my post. thank you specs for previous PC
Feb 17, 2020
So - you're sure the motherboard has died? And the rest of the stuff is okay?

The cooler will just be a plain old AIO (all in one) liquid cooler. You can look up a video for installing one on youtube. it will be something like:

If you can use a screwdriver, you'll be fine with it.

As for the motherboard, it's an X79 motherboard. You're probably only going to get those 2nd hand, so whatever's available on ebay.

If you want a new and modern motherboard with a warranty, you'll need a new CPU and new RAM too because new motherboards won't support the old CPU.

A Ryzen R5 3600 + B450 mobo + RAM may be reasonably affordable, however.
Apr 4, 2020
Yes im sure the motherboard has died not sure about other stuff only thing that looks burned was Motherboard and a wire.
i dont know how to upload pics from my email but i just added the photo to my account pic and thats what burned on the motherboard if your able to view it maybe that would be helpful never had anything burn like that in any PC iv had. Also the x79 Motherboard would be just a direct swap everything should transfer no problem?. so plug and play?
The ryzen r5 3600 id half to buy a new card and Ram? to get the pc up and running again?
sorry for the so many questions and also would upgrading to the ryzen R5 3600 be a huge upgrade vs the x79? or slightly better?
thank you again for answering my post

OsaX Nymloth

Community Contributor
Jan 29, 2020
This looks like it could be PSU too, judging from the picture. And if that's the case, you can't be sure of anything - this may as well fried everything.


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