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So I made these

on a rogue, they don't match... Clearly for a Sentinel.

later game gave her

Which made up for it

She also got

which didn't seem to be working at first until it did

interesting bonuses. It doesn't seem to like to give attributes, took ages to get 2 dex. Still not bad, since she doesn't touch anything some of the bonuses may not apply, might on the falcon though.
Curious coincidence, only characters so far to get weavers have minions.
Anyway, falconers are really hard

She lvl 29 31 already, in chapter 4. She just strolled through the last chapter. She doesn't use that bow... its just for looks, she uses Explosive traps. And a falcon but it doesn't show in loading screen. Shame.


I bought my 12th tab as I figured if a rogue can get to 29 she deserves a tab. Wanted to save some bows anyway. Next tab might have to be for idols. I haven't got any rogue specific ones yet but I will. Think I need to sell some.

Start of night, tried to make a shaman. End of night got him to into chapter 3. They are slow to get started, he needs more of something... I know, skills.
Also making my last mage... spellblade.

Only combo I haven't tried now is a Sword using rogue... what I played in wow. They don't feel as squishy now that I know the stages better. When you know how things react it is easier in long run. I might not rush into playing it tonight.

I started my fire sale of gear I never used but thought I might.. mainly wands as all the classes seem to use staffs instead. My lowest character that has a 2nd class now is Lich and its a confusing character to play as. lvl 18 now.

She can't seem to do any damage in that form. I think I need to watch some videos.

Yes, it is dark. although you won't see my face in that mode.

One consistent element of all maxroll characters is the need for Deflection. Its what gives physical resistance.
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Nothing night. Created a spellblade but I haven't tried him yet in that role. Got my Warlock further into chapter 4... maybe chapter 5.

She is starting to not get any value out of the golem, he is more a pet now. She has to wait to 50 points in Warlock tree to get his replacement. She okay without him. He more a moving target dummy now... a distraction. Might chase him instead of me. Her run speed is 25% now so gl catching her.

I just closed game to find Firefox was being odd. Wouldn't swap tabs when I clicked on them. The it wouldn't close. So I went to task manager and find its using 12gb of ram. Closed the task. Back to normal now??

Looking at this, I think I have ever lvl 1 unique... also shows me I have so many more to collect... I am already selling the lesser versions. Have same necro wand 3 times now. I think once you get one of them it seems to open flood gates for more of the same items. I got the Swaddling of the Erased again, ended up with 33% elemental resistance. I think it depends what the character needs.

My face when he just runs past almost everything in the game

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Not like I needed an excuse to make a melee rogue, its only one I don''t have yet

nice finding something I haven't had 4 times already. Such as Hammer of Lorent
guess it works for any of them but I don't want any more sentinels unless I make one that one uses hammer throw, as it looks like fun.

game is confused (made new necro (this one doesn't have any fighters, only mages)) and now game shows me being on a chapter 4 quest although I am in chapter 3. Wants me to talk to Gaspar in End of Time... go there, he still talking about chapter 3 stuff. I will see him soon enough, about to get 3rd shard.

I missed a step in a quest in chapter 2 but Its right towards end of area and I don't want to kill the bosses again. Its not like its an amazing reward, exp and gold.

I am already 4 stages ahead of the levels as well, I clear stages as I go, I don't just run to exit... guess it explains why I don't finish game in 2 hours...

I like levelling - explains why I have so many characters. I prefer it to end game... I think wow started this trend... get to 60...start an alt. Back then there were no expansions... so 60 was it for a long time... then I didn't like the changes in expansion and stopped.
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Start of day, 4 mages + me go out for a spin...

She been using an axe since lvl 27, best weapon for minion damage.
two of them are now pyromancers but not in that shot... that was start of night... before golem came along to stand on me and not let me show the mages

Lots of fun finds
Part three of a set of only ever seen other two parts of

might give it to my other necro, she was wearing parts because of the resistances on each part.

Part two of a set I only had one of so far

look like raptor hands...

Paladin hands

My falconer was looking forward to a bow at lvl 35... she doesn't care now

she more dangerous without anything.


they stick to themselves, fire and ice
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I managed to play a bit yesterday and today. Got my Necromancer to level 58 and doing first Monolith. I seriously need new gear.
Btw the Bearded Axe is only good until you get something like these



I had to edit a loot filter I was using to highlight +minion stuff as this game drops so much loot and was seriously impressed at just how easy this is.

Just need to beat Lagon in campaign but I hate boss fights :).
Not seen any queues apart from this afternoon but 2k only took a few minutes.
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TIL you can choose to start doing monoliths after you finish chapter 7, no need to do lagon as you don't get anything apart from +1 all attributes for the trouble

Seems I need to kill it to get to Factions... but I might try monoliths first anyway. She has good resistances now anyway... last time I was killed by cold damage I think... on lagon.

So my 3rd necro who is on no deaths still just finished chapter 7. Tomorrow I try monoliths.

Shame my Falconer doesn't need a bow

The death of a god

This is why I don't have my two big pets out with me in town... where am I?

i must have randomly picked the skill that makes the abomination perma. One more pet to list...
2 ice mages
2 fire mages
1 Golem
1 Abomination
countless exploding zombies were used to get to end. Their sacrifice was appreciated.

I had forgotten much of chapter 7. I forgot you retraced steps from beginning of game... sort of. I missed we were in our right time period as well. I wonder what end looks like... I skipped starting movie so I don't know what my plans were.

Need to play my druid who has the Last Beard hat, as he only lvl 29 and hands are lvl 31.

I had to edit a loot filter I was using to highlight +minion stuff as this game drops so much loot and was seriously impressed at just how easy this is.

I am using maxroll builds and they all come with pre made loot filters I just need to import into game, makes it easy when the only items that show up are exactly suited to my builds.
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So finished the first Monolith and am now level 62. These are so much better than PoE's endgame maps :)

I'm not using the Abomination. The Icy Veins levelling guide I'm following uses Wraiths instead.

My Volatile Zombie's vomit Poison on enemies but this is converted to Fire. Apart from large mobs and bosses most things die before they explode so I'm not re-summoning them much.
I'm not using the Abomination. The Icy Veins levelling guide I'm following uses Wraiths instead.

My Volatile Zombie's vomit Poison on enemies but this is converted to Fire. Apart from large mobs and bosses most things die before they explode so I'm not re-summoning them much.
that is the build my 1st necro used. She tried lagon and didn't end well. She might need more resists. I was going to try him on new one. Two different ways of making necro.
I might try it on weekend, i play other characters for a few days.

Not sure what her electricity cap is at. I know she had max physical for a while. 108 in fact.

no rush.

really want to get other classes into same part of game. So far only acolytes managed to get to chapter 6 even. Mind you, that is without dying...
Against my better judgement I tried lagon again and died again... didn't even get into second area this time...

Not amused, I had 75 resistances in everything, seeming not enough pets. Might try the other girl again on weekend. Or just get more levels since I was only 55.


nice weapon for a Druid
Maybe I give it to this one

Lagon wasn't entirely a waste


both off giant crabs on lagons isle.

shame most things in chapter 7 are immune to cold.
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I switched to another filter for endgame items but had to add back in "Minion Health" or "Minion Damage"

shortly afterwards I got View:

which I crafted minion health on twice. Luckily one Glyph of Hope worked :)

I finished the campaign and did The Stolen Lance timeline.

For any of the big boss fights I think it's mostly avoiding the telegraphed attacks. On Lagon the small circle will one shot anyone. If you get hit by multiple waves on the second phase that will probably kill you as well.

I use the Skeletal Mage "Grave Passage" on the left hand side as it gives me a traversal skill which is essential in these fights.

Ok The Black Sun does void damage - which I have like 8% resist. Time to farm some new items...

Update: The Black Sun is now dead :) . Back to work tomorrow so I won't get much more done till Sunday.
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nice to get something new. ring for a spellblade. I have one of those who hasn't tried anything yet as you think a rogue is squishy? Mages are too. they don't have dodge, but do have ways...

Concern - rogues to squishy. Answer is none of them actually hit anything which is just as well as life is a concern. Dodge is the answer.
Bladedancer, lvl 29 - Umbral blades are essentially ranged In chapter 4
Marksman - uses Bow, about most traditional type here. I haven't played her for a while. not sure what zone she is in.
Falconer - uses bombs. She in Chapter 5 already

Hardest stage so far was the first one. Falconer and bladedancer make chapter 4 look easy... it is if you don't have to hit things to kill them

Don''t need resists if they can't hit you. Dodge of over 30 helps. '

Aim is to get a class apart from acolyte to chapter 8.
Pali only Sentinal in chapter 5.
Rogue/Falconer in chapter 5
Primalist/Druid is dawdling in chapter 3.
Mage is in chapter 3.
Update: New patch today and with it a nerf on the price of Arena keys, so if you have a lot try to sell them before exiting the game. I'm also looking at a stronger version/mix build of the one I linked below and one that is not on Maxroll as of yet -

Trashed the Necromancer minion build I was using as the damage was not enough for empowered monoliths. Switched to a Wraith Lord Necromancer build and currently melting mobs. It is a lot of fun!

I followed up on a tip from Youtuber Rob2628 to try and save up on so many T6/T7 exalted items as possible, so I can have more to choose from when swapping builds.

I got my second L4 this week and I am kind of surprised hearing that some streamers has not even gotten one yet and with a lot more hours than I have in the game.

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Where do you have to go to convert a legendary as I put one in F screen and it says you can't do uniques.

So anyway, Before she died due to me being alt tabbed, my Marksman was enjoying some peace

She on start of chapter 4 now.
I wonder if patch changed drops as I seen all new ones today

Lich book

Acolyte helm I think

A Weavers I hadn't had before

NO idea what its had added to it.
This isn't new, I just wanted it for some reason and now I can't remember what its trick is
Its something to do with top line, I think you dual weild it with Humming bee and get lots of free ward

I guess game gave it to the Paly as he uses a wand and shield

He is really hard to kill... which is ironic as he died in the 2nd stage. Blood rushed to head, died on 1st boss in game lol... the fire guy in 2nd zone. I have done that twice now, run back to find its dead. At least bosses don't reset though Lagon probably does.

I have had a paly into chapter 5 before but he died as he lacked physical resistance. That isn't this guys problem, build actually uses passives from all 3 trees.

Nvm, I just got patch so these aren't new.

Paly currently wearing the helm. Fight him for it... and the ring though its not really beneficial.
I think my Marksman is using the necklace. Game keeps giving her a fire ring for spellblades as well... I had 3 so she using one. Given she uses explosive traps it helps.

need to learn more of chapters, I know pretty much everything until chapter 5. Then it gets a little merky once oracle lets me into tunnels. I wouldn't mind if story didn't keep changing.
The city the oracle is in bloody dangerous. Also annoying you have to kill 3 bosses before you get the portal. Other Paly got there, died, realised I didn't have portal and hasn't been back. This is furthest I got anyone other than 2 necro.
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Some parts of this game are pretty dangerous unless you a necromancer or similar. Chapter 5 is weird not having 14 things around me. You don't notice everything else.

not really a paly ring. Think I put them on my warlock instead... seems she past that stage in game already. Typical acolyte. She up to talking to Oracle I can tell she ahead of the paly.

So many builds rely on ranged attacks, whether is be explosive traps which is a falconer skill, but my Marksman uses it. And she has a bow... But paly is mostly ranged, all the rogues are. PLay a dagger rogue? Never hit anything with a dagger physically. I was going to play her today but got paly from lvl 8 to 33. Wanted to get somewhere with him. I have gaps in my memory after Oracle. Need to do it more.

He uses Javelin, but its got a slow timer on it... not sure any perks reduce it. Matter of timing... lucky it leaves a fire trail. Its very similar to a Warlock move. But only in that it leaves a trail on ground, his is a fire trail, Warlocks shoots things out of it. He is restricted by time, she is by mana mostly. Ring and helm will help her more. Main attack does 1600 DPS at moment. But she a one trick pony really.

One thing I noticed since patch is you don't auto exit zones now just by walking up to exit, have to click on some...

I forgot this shot, this health potion seems wrong?
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Beer is 1 in 1000 potions
seems they not common but not really rare.
Milk drops 1 in 100k potions.

That is probably as far as it goes.

Well, I have 4 Lightless Arbor keys now but no temporal sanctum ones yet. I got two of them yesterday.
I wish keys stacked or we got a key chain for them... Sure, space only constrained by money but still.
I wish keys stacked or we got a key chain for them... Sure, space only constrained by money but still.
Great point. With the nerf in price on Arena keys, I think this might be a step in the process of making stackable keys. I found an answer from one of the founders of Last Epoch talking a little more about the subject:
Speaking of storage: The devs are decreasing the cost of stash tabs in the next patch. Not 100% decided on the price yet, but it seems they might land on 50% less cost. No refund for bought stash tabs so they recommended people just wait a little before investing big in new tabs.
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thats nice to know, the cost of a new stash tab now is 100k so I can wait. Found a tab I rarely look at and sold a stack of yellows just to clear space.

Play a rogue, get necro stuff

I think that was on a rogue, I played a few today and none really achieved anything...
Druid in chapter 4 finally
Shaman uses almost same build but died anyway... in chapter 3 still. Not amused.
blade dancer is chapter 5 now
Made a runemaster again but I just don't get them.. he can't do enough damage (mage, not enough damage, 2 things I didn't think I see in a sentence)

Could have been his belt doesn't help. He needs more health regen before can use this

last line is a kicker... need to make a character who uses ward. I thought I had one??

Game gave my druid who uses a two handed axe, this twice today. Shame I don't have any characters who use a shield.

that last line makes me think its not a paly shield as they get resistance via a buff.
He doesn't need a shield unless 20 things crowding him

that void resist was helpful in Chapter 3. His pets help in chapter 4.
Mages... made a sorcerer... he lacks damage as well. Irony
Can beat birds

but has been known to run away from stages.

Now I have all three types of Rogue in chapter 4 at least, I get a bow

My Druid likes the top two lines on this but the 3rd takes some work to cancel

not sure what negative resists do but they don't sound good. He probably needs to stop wearing two parts of a set. He only is because he can. Hands are more for a melee fighter... he doesn't touch anything... yet. He has a final respec after 35 points into Druid tree. I hope I like the changes as I have made characters before, enjoyed their invitro forms but after respec to match end game, I don't enjoy them as much. Its the learning game all over again thing.

Pair of spriggans hanging out

So can get every class to Chapter 5 now except for mages, though druid was a bit of a struggle. Ran into some boss in the dreadnaught area I couldn't even see - it was surrounded by wraiths, I think I know what it was but sanest answer was reset area as there were too many to kill in such close quarters.

Until he got the spriggan minion, some areas were just too much. the flying things that raise the dead were not easy but then it is only in some areas the Druid in Spriggan form takes much damage.

I found Temporal Sanctum entrance but not sure what level it is? I will check Google. Could take a necro in. But I don't have that many ones with potential on it. Is there a portal at end? I know there is one at start.
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TIL you can leave items in the forge window and close it, and think you lost the item.. I had leech hands and must have forgotten to put them back on. Then later notice he had no hands one... and wondered where I had put them, then thought to hit F.

I have two characters over 50, shame they both necro

handy storage if you need that little more space in a dungeon.

It seems Last Epoch has a memory leak. Bad enough with Firefox using 5gb earlier, but game can chew memory as well. My pc showning96.3% virtual memory usage... I have 40gb of virtual memory until the PC is forced to use the page file
Today it went 16 gb into the page file.

I have 32gb of ram, its not a lack of it... memory leaks aren't solved by buying more ram, they just delayed longer... in that it takes longer for the memory to be eaten by whatever process isn't releasing it. Only answer users have is to restart client every few hours.

As per Wiki
  • Total is the amount of pagefile-backed virtual address space in use, i.e., the current commit charge. This is composed of main memory (RAM) and disk (pagefiles). The corresponding performance counter is called "Committed Bytes".
  • Limit is the maximum possible value for Total; it is the sum of the current pagefile size plus the physical memory available for pageable contents (this excludes RAM that is assigned to non-pageable areas). The corresponding performance counter is called "Commit Limit".
  • Peak is the highest amount that the total commit charge has reached since the operating system was last started.
I always thought Windows couldn't go over the limit... At yet, mine did.
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SO after selling a bunch of things no other character had used, I went and made a Forge Guard just to find it uses some of the things I had sold 6 hours before.'

I hope they fix prices on tabs soon as its 100k for my next one, and I prefer to keep my money. If prices had been lower all along I have no idea how much more gold I would have now. I don't use it for anything apart from buying tabs right now. Until I can beat chapter 8 I can't even use factions. So no other use for gold.

the items are more valuable for the next character than relying on self found. The game is pretty good at giving you what you need provided you have good filters. Still easier to start from lvl 4 in mostly yellows now.