Lag Problem.

So guys my problem basically is lag, so I had a Pentium 4 PC which was like 20+ years old. So I used to play GTA: San Andreas on that PC without any Graphics card and I had 4GB ram and CPU was like 3.0GHz something and the game ran 30+ FPS easily. So I just recently upgraded to a Core 2 duo and it has 4GB ram 2.8GHz speed and Windows 10, and it never goes like more than 10 FPS, My C: drive has like 1.5GB space remaining, so I really want to know the cause of the lag which will be really helpful for me, Thanks.
Windows 10 by itself is going to eat up most of your 4GB of Ram, so you need more Ram. And as Pifanjr mentioned above, if you have an old hard drive, consider upgrading to a faster SSD. Both Ram & SSDs are relatively cheap now. And please, get a video card, even an older 900 series Nvidia card would do wonders.
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Bro Thanks for the reply,
As you both guys said that my Hard Drive is breaking down, So the same Hard drive was in that Pentium 4 And that Pentium 4 also had 4GB ram but it had Windows 7, And as mainer said that Windows 10 eats up all that 4GB ram, So can I just downgrade my windows to fix it, Like go back to Windows 7 days?


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It won't be as easy, that's for sure. You can certainly do it by wiping the hard drive and installing Windows 7 (or linux or whatever OS you want) but, if you don't have a way to back everything up, that's not going to be real good. Maybe there's some wipe-my-OS utility out there?

Windows 10 should only be using up 2GB or so - maybe 2.5GB. That leaves a gig and a half. San Andreas is pretty old. It claims it can run in a quarter of a gig of memory. You should have plenty unless you've modded the game.

I wonder if the hard drive has gotten fragmented? Windows 10 should fix that but I think it does it in the background. I'm not sure how long that might take. The Defrag application is still part of Windows 10 so you can run that to get everything fixed up.

Actually, with such an old drive, have you run CHKDISK on it? It might be good to do that before trying to defrag to make sure all the drive sectors being used are good ones.
My C: drive has like 1.5GB space remaining
That is the first problem you need to fix, if CHKDSK reports the drive is healthy. A HD should have 15-20% free to work well. Run Win10's Dick Cleanup utility. Then defrag it—you very likely won't be able to defrag with only 1.5GB free, so clean up first.

Run Task Manager, Startup tab, and disable anything you don't need starting when Windows boots. If you have other programs or apps running when you try to play, close them first.

Do you have a graphics card now? If not, follow Mainer's advice above.


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