It's the end of 2019 - what was the most IMPACTFUL industry news for you?

Nov 25, 2019
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Here's where we get into personal perspectives. I am curious what industry news really struck a chord with you this year.
Power chord, discordant chord, experimental chord, you pick.

I am a person of a certain age (yes, I played PONG as my first video game), so for me the greatest impact is seeing our industry grow up, age, and, sadly, begin to pass on. Oddly, those are the industry news bytes that really get to me.
On the up side, we PC gamers are no longer a flash in the pan, we're multi-generational. I play games with my adult son, nephew and grandkids. It really does make for a level playing field like nothing else can. ;P


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"At EVE London in November, CCP announced a significant change to internal policies which govern how CCP employees interact with players when using their non-developer characters in EVE Online. This policy has been updated to remove the requirement for anonymity. Developers may now play where and with whom they wish, and may decide for themselves what level of anonymity they want to preserve."


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You mean this year? NVIDIA no longer supporting 3D Vision. It still can be made to work but some day... maybe next week, maybe 3 years from now... but some day, I'm going to update my drivers and it will just stop. Then VR will be the only 3D path.

For all time? Sheesh, that's hard. The coming of DirectX maybe? Life before then, when a game may or may not be coded in a way that works with your video card, was really annoying.