Is there a way to sync achievements on steam from an account to another?

Apr 18, 2020
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Hello. First I'd like to say i just recently got into gaming, specifically into RPG such as Stardew Valley. So the case is that I was playing Stardew Valley on my sister's laptop on her steam account. Afterwards, my gamer friends convinced me to make an account of my own so we could play different games to which I did. Then before I could play Stardew Valley on my account, there's this authorization process which I needed to do. As a newbie I didn't really bother to do that since I thought I could just play on my sister's account because I thought the authorization for family sharing thingy was complicated ( which is literally not at all since I can play it on my acc now. )

As I'm writing this post, I recently just enabled family sharing and now im playing on my account but the 76 hours in total of playing that game was on my sister's account so all the achievements I've accomplished was using her account. Is there a way I could possibly sync the achievements I did from my sisters account and the game activity in general to my account? If yes, how do you do it in full details?

in case this helps: We play on the same pc.

Thank you pls dont be hard on me
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There is a way to unlock achievements using third party tools, but this can get you banned (although don't think anyone has been banned by doing it). I would never recommend doing this, but the option is there if you would like to take the risk.

Probably best to just earn them officially again, as much as it may suck.
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If your goal is for everyone to see your achievements then putting a note in each account's profile might be about as close as you'll get. If you just want them to be on your account to satisfy the proper order of things, well, no such luck.
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I'm not sure if it's allowed or not and wether it's possible or not, but alot of people just download savegames where those things are unlocked and you'll achieve them. I personally never did because I want to achieve them myself and not all games allow this kind of "cheating".
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