Question If you have the last modern warfare on pc, I need your help please!!

Sep 24, 2020
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So, for everyone who didn't know, the last update make a lot of bugs, especially in the data files of the game. Fortunately, I know how to fix it. I only need a gardian angel who play on pc that can share me a specific file from his game. The file in question is located in your game file there:
Call of Duty Modern Warfare\Data\data
After that, plz copy the ''data.071'' file and send it to me. It will be really really really appreciated!!!
Thatnk you soooooo much!
But why do you need the file from someone else? if they have the patch, they'll just have the same issue?

Delete the file and then verify?

What game client do you have the game under?

Accepting random files from strangers on the internet is an unsafe practice at best :)
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