I5 6600k and 5700xt, worth upgrading CPU for BDO?

Jun 7, 2020
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The game I really play is Black Desert Online. I currently play on remastered with pretty good frames, around 80 fps in pvp and while grinding. I get even higher in less demanding areas. I play really high FPS reliant classes and want to be able to max my monitor refresh rate 165hz(or get as close as possible) without having to turn down the graphics.

I'm looking into upgrading to a 3700x which requires a new motherboard and new ram as well. I also want to note that my ddr4 ram is bottle necked by my crappy motherboard at 2133hz. Before I dive into a new cpu, motherboard, and ram I just want to know if it's a worthwhile investment. Will I see a significant gain in FPS?