How long to beat your TBP pile?

Suffering gadzooks Batman! I went to HowLongToBeat Your Steam Collection and:
1. It was amazingly fast, almost instant.
2. It says it'll take me 518 Days 9 Hours :eek: for the 633 games it measured.

Given those are 24-hour days, and I'm lucky to get a couple of hours a day, that's looking like 20 years. Is there somewhere I can crawl to and surrender?

So then I check a few games I've completed, and … drumroll … I easily spend 5x the time on a game that these guys do—I like to wander, enjoy scenery, avoid driving whenever possible, save and try a different approach, etc … ie speedrunners are NOT in danger here.

So now, I need an urgent update on just how feasible Reincarnation really is.

HowLongToBeat your TBP pile?
Give or take 424 Days 2 Hours. that said looking at the list some of those i've already beaten (on steam or otherwise) so its probably less at this point. All things considered not too bad. Depends on beat though. if you're saying just get to the finish, probably very quickly. but i like to take my time completing a game as much as possible so that i don't have any reason to go back to a game. So probably longer.
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Let's see, about another 30 hours of Troubleshooter, the rest of Trails of Cold Steel, GreedFall, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Yakuza 2. Planet Coaster is on the list but has been for a few years now and I never seem to want to play it. Same with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Everything else is as done as I'm planning to get or the type of game that I just play every now and again (4X and fighting games). I should probably snag another game or two from the Steam sale.

(Sweeps his GOG list under the carpet while nobody is looking)
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My Steam account shows 158 days 15 hours, I do also have games in all the other major stores. I still dont think I'll reach @Brian Boru's heights, let alone @Dan !

I'd like to blame it on the time that everyone and their mums were making indie bundles that I was buying for 1 game (cheaper to buy the bundle than the 1 game separately), but really it was just due to a lack of self control.
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The website gives me an estimate of 138 days.

After a bit of pruning of games I have already played (like Civ IV) or only play in multiplayer (like CK2 or L4D2) and some games I'm not going to play, I come to almost 52 days.

After removing some more games I'm unlikely to ever play, I can halve that to 26 days.

After adding some games I have on Epic that I would still like to play, plus adding 150 hours to Tabletop Simulator for completing Gloomhaven, I'm back at about 60 days.

Not too bad compared to most other posts on here, but then again I have very little time to play nowadays, so it's not like I'm going to make much progress.
1181 of your 1301 games. According to GoG Galaxy, I have 1455, but that is not included Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality with another 1000+ games.

Time to Beat 566 Days 10 Hours.

Basically means I will be collecting dust loooong before finishing them all, not to mention it's not like I am going to stop buying them any time soon. Pretty sure in the future we will be seeing tons of people writing up their steam/epic game/gog collection in their Last Will and Testament.
tons of people writing up their steam/epic game/gog collection in their Last Will and Testament
Mmm… Better check the ToSs. I can't remember the context, but there was some big outfit—not necessarily game-related—which said digital accounts couldn't be inherited. It created a bit of a storm, but we probably need legislation to clip the greedy guys' wings.

Meantime, just make username & password available to the deserving.
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@Brian Boru There is a game on Steam called TOS and a game called TOSS coming Q1 2021. I'm sure they will shed some light on the subject. @Zloth Good point, most games would probably look like Atari E.T by that time.

I looked up TOSS and Google gave me this result:

It's always interesting and somewhat jarring to get a glimpse of a life that's so unlike your own that you didn't fully realise it existed, even if on some level you knew it probably did.


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