How do I separate the D drive from the C drive


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Built a gaming pc last night, c drive has "eaten" D drive. So it's only showing as one, when in hard drive settings the D drive is showing but I am not sure how to separate it any advise much appreciated. Thank you 😊

Hey there!

Thanks for asking your question! Before we can give a helpful answer, can we get some more information?

Was this a build from scratch (all new components plugged into a case for the first time)? If so, did you format the D: drive? You'll need to do so before the machine recognizes it.

If it's not a fresh build, but using previously used components, and the D: drive was recognized before, it may be helpful to just try connecting it to a different connector and see if the issue is with the cable rather than the drive.
May 28, 2021
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Its a scratch build with new and used components the hard drive is used but is working and the ssd is new. On disk management it is showing the ssd as recovery storage on the hard drive. The hard drive hasn't been formatted it won't let me do that for some reason?

The cpu has come out of another computer that wasn't wiped. I have wiped the computer but the ssd isn't working and seems to be "trapped" I the hard drive as recovery storage 🤷‍♀️ I can try take some pictures and upload them if that will help.
Thanks for your replies


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