Horizon Zero Dawn

Nov 4, 2020
If you use steam client you may know that their are loads of thread about the optimizer shader running at every launch , apparently this has been happening since patch 1.07 , i got the game at the same time as 1.08 was released. The shader runs at every launch and pushes the cpu to 100%. I just read this fix by another steam user so i thought it a good idea to pass it on.

Get driver 461.09 for whatever nvidea card you have. Launch the game and stay on the menu page , for some reason the optimizer took about 15 minutes to run instead of the usual 5 mins.
After it completed i quit the game and relaunched it , the cpu ran at 100% for about 10 seconds ????

I sat a long time on menu page just to see if their was a delay in it running ..... it never ran.


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Jan 13, 2020
Funny you should mention that - an update just showed up for the Steam beta branch:
  • Fixed a bug where processing Vulkan shaders would run out of memory on NVIDIA Pascal cards and older
  • Re-enabled Vulkan shader processing on NVIDIA
  • Fixed a bug where NVIDIA shader cache files above 2GB couldn't be loaded
  • Greatly improved memory usage and disk I/O when processing NVIDIA cache files (requires driver 460.x or newer)
No idea if H0D uses Vulkan or not but the last bullet point likely applies either way.

P.S. H0D? HZD? Where are the ISO standards when you need them!? ;)



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