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Apr 29, 2021
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Hey guys, I need some help making a choice for a gaming laptop. I have been to several stores trying out different machines and made comparisons online.

This is where im torn: a 15 inch vs. 17. Most laptops with a high screen framerate or in general seems to be in 15 inch. Is the difference worth it? I seem to have a lot of options with 15 inch vs. It's so nice with a bigger screen.

My dream computer is this:
i7 processor
Minimum 1000 gtx graphics card

And im a bit touchy when it comes to the feeling of keyboards. I don't like the plasticy feel. I have a hp spectre x360 and I love it. Just can't play many games with that.

So far I like the hp pavilion because of how it feels.

I think that's what I got so far on my own. I'm hoping to buy my laptop relatively new but second hand.

Any input is welcome that can help me make up my mind.

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