Help me in PC building? In India!

Feb 18, 2021
This is my first Custom build PC at Sub 50K Inr, I am Thinking (

Gigabyte B450M DS3H WiFi with Ryzen 3600xt or 3600 .
Samsung 970 Evo S00GB NVME M.2 SSD,

Is this configuration good or should I Go with something else,

Q.1 Will this board bottleneck my Processing speed, will i be able to hit 4.4 Ghz mark ? sounds dumb but i have no clue.
Q.2 How to get best of my SSD 970 evo In this MBoard (getting that 2000+ MB/S Speed )? I had WD blue WDS250G2B08B but it only goes till 450 MB/s Why ?
Q.3 Will I get the best performance from my SSD on this motherboard?If yes then what are the settings I need to do
Q.4 If i put this SSD in the M.2 Slot on NVME X4 Setting will it disable my other SATA port? (some youtube review suggested that can happen)

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