Help me find a game?

Aug 19, 2020
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Hi fellow gamers!

I love RPGs, having played everything from Eye of the Beholder (1990!), Planescape: Torment, ES Morrowind / Oblivion / Skyrim, Baldur's Gate, Divinity: OS, Star Wars KOTOR (one of my all time favorites), Fallout, Diablo and D3, Mass Effect, Path of Exile, the GTA games if you count them as RPGs, Pillars of Eternity, Borderlands, and MMOs like DAoC, SWG, GW2, WoW for many years, Jedi: Fall Order (which I enjoyed), and many others.

I recently started another party-based RPG, Tyranny, but just realized I did not want to play another party management game (or at least that one), and didn't know where to start on my main's growth vs the rest of the party.

The ideal game would preferably focus on my main character, let me choose from a range of archetypes, but especially have a nice magic system and let me be a bad-ass wizard. The game should not feel grindy, should let you feel like you are earning and growing your power as you play. It should have enough complexity to feel like you have to learn something to master it and progress, but not so hard you want to break your keyboard, or if its default is hard at least let you set the difficulty down to a comfortable level. I like story, but I don't want to read story text until my eyes bleed. If I have companions, I shouldn't have to micro-manage them.

I loved playing a Warlock in the early years of WoW, but at this point in my life find MMOs to be too grindy, the growth too slow. But maybe a game like ESO would be better? I considered Witcher 3, but it sounds like the combat is very twitchy and (ahem) actual player skill based (parry! block!). I enjoyed Fallen Order a lot, but I had to play on Kindergarten difficulty. I prefer isometric view, since I get motion sick from most 1st person games (often have to play them in a window smaller than my monitor).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Have fun, everyone!
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If you want to focus on one character, that's probably going to lead you to more twitch-style games.

Witcher 3 combat is action'y but I don't remember it being all that hard. It's not Dark Souls at all and you can put it on the easier difficulty if you want.

You want big spells? Dragon's Dogma:

Sacrifice has some huge ones, too, but that's pretty old and isn't an RPG.

Or maybe Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines, playing in the clan that does magic.
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OsaX Nymloth

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Maybe try some immersive sims, they have elements of RPG in their DNA. Deus Ex series, Prey (2017), even BioShock or older games like System Shock.

From RPG's, I don't see Evil Islands mentioned on your list. Or maybe dungeon crawlers? Yes, there are teams in then, but the amount of micromanagement compared to Tyranny and similiar games is a bit smaller and of different kind. Legend of Grimrock II and Operencia: The Stolen Sun are good from this genre.
The Dragon Age series might have something to offer you, the first is a great example of a fairly traditional isometric party based RPG and many people who aren't me seemed to enjoy the second one too. I feel like DA: Inquisition might have the most to offer you though, mage characters feel appropriately badarse and on lower difficulties your party can basically look after themselves. If you enjoyed the ME and KOTOR series then should also appreciate Biowares very recognisable storytelling and party relationship systems.

On those lines Jade Empire is another great Bioware RPG that's criminally in need of a sequel/remaster. The combat is real time and skill based to roughly the same extent as ME but I don't remember finding it particularly arduous at any point. The mage skill trees, such as they are, basically resemble the bending forms in ATLA so not exactly what you're after there but it's a great story in a unique world, I'd recommend it to anyone.
Jul 13, 2020
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Have you played Dark Messiah of Might and Magic?
It's a first person fantasy game set in (you guessed it) Might and Magic universe and you can build your character either as a warrior, thief or mage getting really powerful as you progress.
Remember having great fun with that game.
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