Having Fun With RoboCop Rogue City (Videos)


For now I have just two videos, one involving an Efficiency Challenge and Boss Fight against ED-209s, the other a full level called Bank Heist, which has an Efficiency Challenge against an entire SWAT team. I've already done one full playthrough on Normal, and these are from my current Hard playthrough.

If you loved the first movie, you can't help but love this game. It not only has the iconic look and feel down, Peter Weller, whom played RoboCop in the first movie, even signed on to lend his likeness and voice to the role. The gunplay is very satisfying, and there are plenty of optional side missions at the police station and elsewhere, that allow you to balance things out with dialog options, and non violent tasks, which often end in Robo's amusing one liners.

You aren't a near invulnerable tank on harder modes though, to keep players honest, you WILL need to make use of many of the upgradeable skills to survive, as well as take cover. You can carry one other weapon alongside Robo's Auto 9 pistol, but only this pistol is upgradeable. To do so, there are miniature MBs you can find every now and then, each new version increasing the number of OCP chips you can install on it. The chips are found in OCP cache crates, all having a + value.

These chips are like nodes which are placed at points on a circuit. The chips are designed in Omni, L, T, Passthrough, and Dead End shapes. Therefore you must place the chips in such a way that the chip has a protrusion on the sides of it that pertain to the circuit route. You can also use for example an Omni chip with a protrusion on all 4 sides even though you only need an L, T, Passthrough, or Dead End chip.

These MBs however also have red nodes in places that yield a certain penalty, like 5, 10, etc. So it is best to arrange the chips so these red nodes don't become active, to maximize the total upgrade. There are also yellow nodes here and there which can do anything from add gore effects, to make the pistol not require reloading, to making rounds have a chance to explode. Yellow nodes are never a negative effect though.

Beyond that, you also have a chip merger option to create chips, which I've only messed with once. I don't see a need to use it yet on Normal or Hard modes though, and I'm not sure if there's a predictable outcome based on which chips you merge, or if it's based purely on luck.

Street Vultures' Turf - ED-209 Efficiency Challenge/Boss Fight

I have the no reload option on the Auto 9 MB equipped, but at times use the Heavy .50 caliber pistol the Vultures use, as it can one shot. I had some fun at the end of the challenge messing with ED a bit, but he didn't want to "comply". The other ED is quite difficult to deal with, but he tends to lose track of you if you find a good spot.

Bank Heist

The Efficiency Challenge against the SWAT team is quite a bit harder than the one against a single ED, and there are several EDs here too that can mess with your kill count as well. Even the disarming of the bomb can be tricky on first playthrough. As with the ED challenge, I used my secondary weapon as well, this time a Police Shotgun.

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