Have you ever been banned from a game rightly or wrongly

Nov 4, 2020
World At Arms ... my version is on android tablet ...... using a different user name to the one shown here i have used this for a few hours almost every day for the past 7 years , I have made good friends with a lot of people all over the world that i know i will never meet. I cant make my build any bigger or better than it is...... out of a faction (team) of 30 players 7 players have been banned over the past 5 days , these include the 2 faction leaders , 4 other players and myself.
The only reason given is suspicious activity and we have no right to appeal against the bans. All our team are fair players , we do not cheat or use hacks , in fact if we suspect a new recruit of doing iffy things we kick them out. When the 2 leaders got banned somebody said have you done anything to annoy a hacker as it looks like somebody is targeting your team .
Ok so its only a game but in real life situations you at least get the chance to say ..... no i done nothing wrong.

Dota 2 .... I really wanted to use this game , i have been a die hard gamer since 1982 and as a 65 year old i grew a pair of very broad shoulders because the abuse in the game is the worse i have ever come across , 1 silly mistake and the players on BOTH sides become very toxic. Even with broad shoulders i found myself getting wound up and just wanted to smash something.
So you may ask what has this got to do with a ban , well , unless things have changed since i stopped using it you were able to report a player just by ticking a box and not having to give a reason.


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Jan 13, 2020
You were able to report without saying much but the game was also recording everything. To talk to people, you had to type text through the game to do so, which was all logged. The folks running the game simply pulled up a list of what you've said/heard in the past half hour and could easily verify.

And no, never got banned. Though I do remember a player in Asheron's Call getting hacked. He showed up, suddenly barely able to speak English and clearly having no idea what he was doing in the game, despite having played for years. Our allegiance followed him around, taunted him a bit, and reported him a lot but we never saw him again.
Jan 16, 2020
haven't been banned myself but when i played Planetside 2 i had 2 lvl 100 players (threatened?) to report me because they got salty that i killed them. Some of it was fluke, others was because i got the jump on them using a sniper rifle.

BF3 i would get random disconnection from games especially when i'm doing well. I suspect that its because i was booted off the server of being suspected of cheating.
Jan 18, 2020
Okay, so, hands up - I used to be toxic on DOTA 2. I'm proud to say I wasn't as toxic as many other gamers can be ("lol hope your mum dies of cancer n00b"), but I still lost my temper on the odd occasion.

So, of course, my behaviour score goes down. I've been put in low-priority many times.

The problem with the behaviour system, though, is that it's so overly-reliant on the community, and there's no way to identify if a player is reporting you for legitimately bad behaviour, or because they didn't get their way. On the odd occasion that I have returned to the game, it has proven almost impossible to climb rank or out of the bad behaviour bracket, simply because other people will downgrade you again.

OsaX Nymloth

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Got involved in a ban wave in Mordhau. That was the first big banhammer wave a bit after release and I was flabbergasted - I never cheated in online games and I wasn't really good enough to warrant even a suspicion.

And I wasn't alone - many other players, including other backers like me, got banned. People with accounts on Steam with hundreds of games, 10+ yo accounts, never VAC banned or anything. So something was fishy, right?

As it turned out, devs's algorithm was a little bit "trigger happy" when flagging accounts and they didn't bother to check twice before issuing ban. Thus I got involved. Luckily they acknowledged their mistake and people could appeal the ban on official forum - I did and was cleared of any wrong doings.

But man when I saw VAC ban on my Steam's profile I was reeeaaally not happy. Glad the mess was resolved and it's over!
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