Have I bricked my Z690i like an idiot?!

Mar 28, 2023
Hey, so this is like my fifth overall build. But never flashed bios before. I tried r/buildapc but didn’t get any suggestions of what to do. So I’m trying here instead!

These are my components:
Gigabyte Aorus z690i ultra plus rev 1.0
Corsair dominator 5600mHz 2*16gb
I5 13600k
ASUS tuf lc 240 AIO
WD black NvMe m.2
An OEM HP RTX 3070
Corsair 750w

So installed all components.
Never made it to POST. But all the lights and fans started (except for the lights on the AIO, which I didn’t connect). The pc continued to restart, over and over, but no display picture. I hadn’t connected the header for the AIO pump, which I did but still no display picture. The PC kept rebooting on its own. Switched between HDMI and displayport, both dedicated GPU and integrated.

Flashed with the latest bios through Q-flash button on the back of the IO. (I changed the name of the install file to GIGABYTE.bin) I still had all components installed. Still no display picture, POST or anything. Removed all components except for CPU. Flashed with the usb and q-flash button on the back. Still no display picture.

Then it turned out that Since I AM AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT. I flashed the bios with the z690i Ultra plus Rev 1.0 but turns out I have the z690i ultra rev 1.0… IE I have the version without the plus in the name….Have I bricked my MOBO????????

next thing I did; I cleared the cmos by shorting the jumper. Took away everything except for the 8pin power connector and 24p. Put the bios with the Aorus z690i ultra rev 1.0 drivers renamed GIGABYTE.bin. Pressed q-flash button. Not even the light next to the switch lights up. Turns out on my board q-flash can only be initiated after I put cpu and ram in their respective slots?!? I don’t get it, q-flash+ is supposed to be flashable without the CPU and RAM in place, that’s how they advertise it!

So now that I put the cpu and RAM slots back I could initiate the q-flash+ via the button. It is doing it as I type. Anyone got any suggestions??! I don’t know what to do, I’m panicking.
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