Good gaming monitor?

What is the full spec of your new system?

What kinds of games do you play / favour? e.g. competitive esports shooters at low settings, or shooters casually? open world immersive RPGs? grand strategy titles, total war, etc?

What's your budget and what currency and country are you shopping in?
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Aug 25, 2020
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got a AOC q32g1wg4 curved from overclockers as it was on sale and it was cheaper than amazon at the time it a good monitor if you play games it's 144hz and freesync
Not sure if this is applicable to the new world—I'm staying in 1080p land for a while—but I've used a pair of TVs as my work & play monitors for quite a while.

It wasn't well known say a decade ago that TVs worked as well as monitors for most uses, and gave much more screen space for a lot less money. I started with 2x36", now use 2x42".

Here are a couple of relevant pieces from my notes:
YouTube 6 minutes
PC Gamer
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