Good games not on Steam?

May 16, 2021
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I have a gigantic Steam backlog of games.

But before I got super into Steam, I was a bit adventurous. I played Cave Story, Trackmania, a few MMOs here and there.

Everyone is aware of Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, and the doomed-to-fail Stadia.

I do own a Nintendo Switch, but their storefront is so lacking and basic. Who knows if I'm getting shovelware or not on there.

I feel like I have full tunnel vision in Steam, because I hardly venture out of it for my gaming. Are there great games that aren't on the Steam platform?
Most of the games I think of are on steam now, even if they didn't start there. Sacred wasn't on steam when company who made it existed, Journey was a PS exclusive but now on Steam

WOW isn't I assume. I don't think most Blizzard games are, so I guess I can't get D2 resurrected on Steam whenever its released.
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A lot of the good old games are only on, well, Good Old Games. Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper come to mind. There's also some abandonware, like Black & White, that is only available on abandonware sites or if you manage to find an original disc.
These are as far as I know, I haven't checked for recent changes:

Command & Conquer 17-game Collection is only on Origin.

Assassins Creed Valhalla is on Ubisoft & Epic.

As people said above, GOG has loads of good oldies—the great thing is they made them playable on later Windows versions, which is what drew me there originally. That was/is a wonderful service to gamers.

Only on Epic:
Anno 1800
Immortals Fenyx Risin
The Division 2
Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Hitman 3
Kingdom Hearts series

There are a lot of good casual games not on Steam—I have hundreds at BigFishGames.
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