Getting 60HZ Display Gaming Laptop? Y/N?

May 23, 2020
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Hi guys,

I would like buy a laptop and since I keep my PC/Laptop at least for 10 years (I know it'a long time af), I decided to get a good one.
I'm considering about ASUS K571 GT and LENOVO LEGION Y540 which both have same configuration.
Somehow I like Y540 since in warm air in K571 directly hits the LCD and I guess it will be annoying during heavy work or games.
So my question is... If I get the Y540 with 4GB 1650 GPU and 60Hz display it will be bad for gaming and I should spend 1/5 more to get 144Hz display + 6GB 1660TI GPU?
If you're planning on keeping the laptop for a long time, the hz of the screen is not what you should be looking at. Since eventually either one will struggle to get 60 fps on modern titles anyway.

For gaming, the laptop's graphics card will be what determines when it goes out of date. You can't replace the graphics card in a laptop. So once new games are too demanding to run on it, that's it, you'd need a new laptop or else not play those games.

It will depend on what games you play, but for 'mainstream' AAA titles, 10 years may well be unrealistic.

It usually makes sense to buy the laptop that has the best graphics card you can reasonably afford, so that it will give the best gaming experience for as long as possible.

So if those are your two choices, go with the laptop that has the 1660 ti in it.

If ti's 1/5 more money, that means it's 20% more money for a graphics card that's ~60% more powerful, and should last you a lot longer before you can't play future games you like.
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