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Mar 28, 2020
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Hello everyone! This is my first post here, and I'm wondering.... What kind of routers do you have for gaming online? Right now I have a stock one from the company that I pay for my WiFi, but while I get a decent 298 mbps download, I only get a measly 31.5 mbps upload, which is not good for my youtube channel. I think the limiting factor here is my modem. So I'm looking for a new router/modem.

Any suggestions? I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about here in terms of specs, so I'd appreciate the help so I can maximize my PC.

To be more precise, here's a Link that leads to the motherboard that's in my PC right now. What I want to do is push it to the upper limit of the board, or, failing that, at least get some seriously good Ethernet speeds, as I am using a cable ( It might also be the cable that's limiting the speed. Like I said..... I have no idea what I'm talking about. This is not my forte right now.)

If you want any more information, feel free to ask for it.
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Networking really isn't my thing either, but I'm pretty sure that is a fairly normal ratio of up to down. I've got 50mbps down and 10 up here for example. Other places I've lived have been similar

I believe you'd need to alter your net plan with your provider to get better upload speeds. They split it like that because most home users don't need the upload speed very much.
There are a lot of packages that offer 'only' 1/10th of the upload speed as the download speed - i.e. what you have.

I also have little knowledge of networking, but suspect it's not your router but your internet package.

What makes you suspect the router? :)

What I want to do is push it to the upper limit of the board
The board has 2.5gb ethernet. It's unrealistic to expect those upload speeds for most consumers.

If you want really, really, fast upload speeds you're probably going to need a business broadband package, and these are typically very expensive.

I don't know the US consumer broadband market due to not living there but for instance:
It seems one provider is offering roughly gigabit upload speeds for $250 per month, plus taxes, equipment, etc. And I guess availability will depend a lot on your location too.
May 14, 2020
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You may live in a high contention area hence your suboptimal speeds. It could be bad SNR or power levels of you're on cable etc.

Try using a cable and if the slow speeds persist phone your ISP and complain.